Mediation is the process in which a neutral mediator facilitates communication between the parties to assist them in reaching an agreement. Drawing upon his past experience as Judge Pro Tem in the Alameda County Superior Court, Jerome A. Blaha has served as mediator in over 100 mediations. Please contact us to check Mr. Blaha's availability to mediate your case.

Advantages of mediation:

  • Everything said for the purpose of, in the course of, or pursuant to, mediation is confidential.
  • Mediation is often less costly than a case litigated in court.
  • Resolution and settlement of your case may be achieved quicker through mediation than through the court.
  • Parties are more likely to comply with an agreement reached through mediation because each party voluntarily participated in the process.

The following are some of the services we offer relating to Mediation:

  • 3-Way Mediation: One mediator for two parties without attorneys; if parties reach a tentative consensus, a written agreement is prepared for each party to take to an attorney for approval.
  • 4-Way Co-Mediation: Two mediators (male and female) to support either party's concern regarding gender equilibrium.
  • Traditional Representation 5-Way Mediation: Two parties, two attorneys, one mediator; Discovery and Representation of you and your rights relating to property, support, and child custody before the mediator, and making proposals for settlement.