Estate Planning

If you're like most people, you probably don't wake up every morning and think about the complexities of estate planning. The attorneys of Blaha & Perry, however, find estate planning to be both exciting and personally rewarding because not only does it allow us to be problem solvers, but estate planning has enabled us to get to know many interesting people, as well as assist thousands of families, individuals, and businesses.

We offer fixed fees for our estate planning services so you will know exactly how much your estate plan is going to cost you before we begin work.

In creating your estate plan, our job isn't just to draft documents, but to facilitate your wishes and ensure your peace of mind. The estate planning process begins with a comprehensive and interactive consultation, during which we elicit what the client's desires are. Consultations vary from a basic explanation of the estate planning process to, when appropriate, an in depth discussion of complex post-death or lifetime transfers to beneficiaries. Our clients receive advice unique to their situation and specific goals.

Estate planning services may also include recommendations relating to personalized communication of a client's goals and objectives to loved ones, selection of appropriate and qualified fiduciaries, and advice relating to beneficiary designations on retirement, annuity and life insurance plans.

Whether the client is developing his or her first estate plan, or seeking to revise an existing estate plan, our primary goal is to ensure that when our client is finished with the estate planning process, he or she is at peace knowing that his or her wishes will be properly carried out, and that his or her loved ones will be well taken care of.